Lutz Animal Hospital

At Circle of Life Animal Hospital near Lutz, FL, we are committed to the most personalized care possible for our patients. We are a group of forward-thinkers in the veterinary industry, devoted to client education and the kind, compassionate treatment of pets and their owners!

We understand that your pets are your children and at our animal hospital near Lutz, we promise that your pet will receive the best care we can offer. Some of our exceptional veterinary services include:

Arthritis and Pain Management for the Pets of Lutz and Surrounding Communities

Nothing is as frustrating as seeing your pet in pain. At Circle of Life Animal Hospital, we provideextensive pain management treatment options for pets suffering from degenerative joint disease, arthritis, back conditions, and more.

Exceptional Pet Dentistry from Circle of Life Animal Hospital

Your pet’s dental health is directly linked to their overall physical health. At Circle of Life Animal Hospital, we provide exceptional dental services to the pets of Lutz and surrounding areas, ensuring that they are healthy and their mouths are clean.

Pet Health Certificates for Travel Outside of Florida

Traveling outside of Florida with your pet? We provide health certificates for interstate and international travel, adhering to the USDA guidelines for safe transportation of pets.

Laser Therapy for Pets

We provide a variety of pain management options for Lutz pets at Circle of Life Animal Hospital, one of which is laser therapy! Pet laser therapy provides treatment of pain, therapy for healing, reduction of swelling, treatment of ear infections, and more!